AngioDynamics: Building a Case for Oracle Demand Management Cloud

AngioDynamics, a leading provider of innovative medical devices, went live with Oracle Demand Management Cloud solution integrated with its Oracle EBS. To build a business case, we focused on a couple of aspects. Let us read the blog to know more

Challenges on the Way to Oracle Cloud

Organizations planning to move to Oracle cloud face challenges. We discuss them with insight on how we prepare for them. 

Lost in Translation - The ‘Waterfall’ Methodology

While it is true that software projects have had more than their share of failed projects, the methodology took the bulk of the blame. Agile, as discussed before, was thus born to correct all that was wrong with Waterfall. But is the methodology to blame for failures, or is its adoption? Let's explore Dr. Winston W Royce paper 'Managing the Development of large software systems'.

Assessing Agile Adoption - 4 Value Test

In the paper by Winston W Royce that brought 'Waterfall Model' for software development into prominence, he took time to highlight the embedded non-iterative nature, and how this makes the waterfall, a model that is "risky and invites failure". Taking a cue from failures, organizations have started initiatives to be agile. Let's look at four Agile values from the Agile Manifesto that will help Agile adoption.

Responsive Realignment Strategies of Triniti Customers: The COVID-19 Factor

In our previous blogs, we talked about digital transformation and our adoption as general strategies. In this, we will walk you through specific tactics we developed for our customers in response to COVID-19 challenges.

This Is How We Did It: Triniti's Response to COVID-19

Customers trust Triniti because of its history of commitment to customer success. One day in March, Triniti, like every other company, was asked to lockdown by the Indian Government. Despite the immediate disruption caused by COVID-19, we had to ensure that our commitment would not be affected. We did just that. We achieved zero-disruption!

COVID-19: Triniti’s Advice on Business Continuity Planning

Responding to Coronavirus is a challenge for any business. The global and interconnected nature of the business environment has caused a serious supply chain disruption, adversely impacting worldwide economies and GDP. Individual organizations in all countries are trying their best to protect their employees, clients, and partners from COVID-19. All the while trying to minimize the impact of the pandemic on their businesses.

Evolution of Oracle Costing – Checking CFO’s Wish-list with In-Memory Cost Management

​Starting with early releases, Cost Management, one of the most stable components, provided multiple flavors. On the basis of costing method supported, it included Standard Cost, FIFO, as well as Average Costing. In terms of the manufacturing process, Cost Management offered support for Oracle Shop Floor Management (OSFM), focused on Lot based manufacturing and Lot genealogy with Work In Progress (WIP) provided cost transactions for discrete manufacturing and Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) supported process manufacturing.

Saving More With Open Source - How Can It Lower Your Organization's IT & Development Cost


In the last couple of years, there has been a significant change in the preferences of the bigger organization towards an open source solution. Today more than 75% of the corporates use some kind of open source solution and nearly 65% of the companies consider open source solutions before any proprietary software alternative. So now comes the big question: Why organizations prefer an open source solution? What are some of the significant beliefs that lead organizations towards an open source platform?

Improve Your Quality Management System to Enhance Your Organizational Performance


Every organization needs to ensure sound quality standards for retaining their customers and growing the business. Often a Quality Management System (QMS) is not given the attention it deserves. In such cases, it can have a direct impact on the organization’s sales and resulting market share. Subsequent in the article, we would talk about unsighted/ failed approaches in an organization and provide tips and ways to improve the Quality Management System.

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