Responsive Realignment Strategies of Triniti Customers: The COVID-19 Factor

In our previous blogs, we talked about digital transformation and our adoption as general strategies. In this, we will walk you through specific tactics we developed for our customers in response to COVID-19 challenges.

Weathering the Demand Swings

The demand plans, putting it mildly, went completely haywire. Our customers in the Medical Devices industry saw demand shooting up 5X for products being used in fighting COVID-19 while demand for other products went south. We developed a rapid safety stock algorithm to help them cope with demand changes

Revisiting Supply Chain

Unpredictable demands, delays in logistics, and uncertainties in sourcing added considerable stress to the supply chain. It necessitated tighter supplier collaboration and multi-sourcing, including ship from alternative inventory points. Triniti rapidly implemented solutions to meet these requirements

Assessing the Inventory Impact

The demand and supply changes naturally had an impact on inventory. Excess and Obsolescence (E&O) gained criticality. Now, auditors are even more stringent on the calculations and audit trail. Triniti's has developed the i-Reserve solution for managing E&O. This solution provides unprecedented transparency to the E&O process

Work From, well, Anywhere

Triniti's productivity and project management tool TRI2 to measure outputs and track deliverables enabled our global workforce to work from anywhere. With secured connections, Triniti was able to provide uninterrupted services to its customers. Be it deliverables for Projects or Application support, we achieved 'Zero Disruption' of services


The need to generate ad hoc reports have become more acute. Using Triniti's reporting tool, we configured new worksheets rapidly, sometimes in a couple of hours, to meet the needs


And with this, Triniti's partnership with its customers continue to face new and emerging challenges together.
Unlike other small SI's, Triniti has provided Big-6 capability at boutique price points. Our customers would vouch for it. We use modern techniques like Lean, to reengineer business processes and leverage technology.

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