Oracle EBS Productivity Software

Eliminate the Spreadsheet from Business Processes

With eWorksheets, eliminate the redundancies and inefficiencies of unintegrated Excel spreadsheets.

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Inter-company Transaction Automation

Maximize tax benefits while complying with inter-company margin requirements of legal entities.

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Data Analyzer for Oracle VCP

Triniti's Data Quality Dashboard (DQD) has been designed to address issues of poor data quality in an unstable planning environment.

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Triniti’s eWorksheet software improves data quality and eliminates latency from business processes by eliminating reliance on Excel files.

Not all aspects of your business processes can be contained within the realm of your ERP. The result: wide ranging spreadsheets that get deeply embedded into decision-making. Convert your spreadsheet-based processes into a tightly integrated system with EBS in a matter of days.

eWorksheets are so simple, that internal IT in a matter of hours can start configuring powerful reports and applications.

Key Benefits :

  • Achieve Zero Latency and Full Transparency
  • Get Fast and Accurate data capture
  • Ideal for Exception Management and mass data maintenance
  • Real time retrieval from the ERP
  • Real time update to the ERP using ERP supported native API
  • Integrated Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) reporting
  • Configurable & Custom validations

Key Features :

  • Excel look and feel
  • Conditional formatting similar to Excel
  • Security compliance with ERP
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • Workflow enabled
  • Export data to Excel, CSV file & Email
  • Import data from CSV file
  • Schedule based reporting
  • Analytical reporting with Dashboards & Trends
  • Drill down to child reports / worksheets / applications
  • Pivot & Transpose views
Oracle Cloud Platform Ready eWorksheets software supports Oracle Cloud Platform

Testimonials :

Scott Rehner, Corporate Vice President of Global Information Technology
GSI Group, Inc.

"GSI Group, Inc. implemented Triniti eWorksheets as part of its global Oracle R12 project across multiple Business Units. Triniti eWorksheets was chosen after evaluation against other software available in the market to build Operational Reports, BI Analytics and Dashboards.
eWorksheets will enable GSI with real time access to EBS data, eliminate spreadsheets and helping to achieve paperless operational reporting.
eWorksheets’ self-service capability of creating dynamic filters for slicing and dicing data fits perfectly with the requirements from our business users. With just 10 eWorksheet data models, we were able to cater to 30+ user report requirements across multiple BUs. The business no longer needs to rely solely on the IT team for its ad-hoc reporting needs."

Resource Library :
Case Study: Peregrine reduces audit costs using eWorksheets
Case Study: Sony eliminates redundancies and unnecessary complexities using eWorksheets

With Triniti’s Automated Commercial Flow (ACF), maximize tax benefits while complying with intercompany margin requirements of legal entities

Tax Optimization is a critical part of running a global business and our software enables doing that while maintaining the sanity and rigour of doing it within the framework of the EBS. Keep your auditors happy while at the same time optimize on your taxes!

Key Benefits :

  • Multiple Legs of Triangulation and Multiple Patterns based on Business Rules for Same Entities

Key Features :

  • Automate Inter-company Transactions

Triniti’s Data Quality Dashboard (DQD) allows you to improve returns on Oracle ASCP by improving data quality and making planning output easy to understand

ASCP output can be highly complex and confusing. Architected by planners with over 25 years in the industry, DQD allows users to quickly identify and resolve issues in the supply chain.

Key Benefits :

  • Data Input Cleansing - Comprehensive quality analysis of all data used by planning BEFORE data collection for planning run.
  • Planning Performance Monitoring - Ensures a timely and repeatable planning process for smooth collaboration throughout the supply chain.
  • Final Sanity Check - Empowers a planner to understand WHY a plan has changed - critical information for management and manufacturing resources.

Key Features :

  • Output Analyzer
  • Aggregate plan analysis
  • Detailed delay analysis
  • Exception management

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