Oracle EBS Supplier Data Management

Triniti Supplier Data Management ensures Governance, Compliance and Quality in Oracle EBS.

It makes data entry simple with re-usable templates, eliminates data redundancy and errors by validating Email addresses, Phone numbers and Location addresses in real time.
Oracle EBS Supplier Data Management

The screenshot below illustrates Supplier Hierarchy. You can view and edit on the same screen. You can set rules for setting values in the fields. These rules enforce policies and ensure governance. Oracle EBS Supplier Hierarchy

The screen shot below illustrates Supplier Locations in Google Maps. You can view existing Supplier locations or add new Supplier locations, activate and inactivate Supplier locations from this screen. Oracle EBS Supplier Locations in Google Maps

Triniti Supplier Data Management is part of Triniti's MDM suite that manages Supplier data and is integrated with Oracle E-business Suite. Data Entry is made simple with re-usable templates that are part of Triniti SDM. There is no need to keep lookup tables in Triniti MDM, thereby eliminating redundancy and errors. Watch how Triniti SDM validates the E-mail addresses and Phone numbers in real time preventing errors in data entry. While entering location information, to eliminate mistakes, the tool validates the addresses data in real time with google maps.

With Triniti SDM, users interact with a single screen to perform various operations to both create & update Supplier information. Triniti MDM ensures that the user will only be able to select Operating Units that they are allowed access to. You can watch how the workflow directs information through various departments such as finance and logistics to enter the information that only then can enter, ensuring compliance and quality. After all data is entered the steward or a surrogate will get a confirmation message to the effect and they can then activate supplier after review. This workflow is a sample workflow and it can be customized to your specific requirements. It can include all stages of onboarding a supplier including 'Request for Information', 'Request for Quotation/Proposal', 'Negotiation', 'Vendor Selection’ etc., Once the The supplier record is activated in oracle transactions can be initiated for this supplier. You can also view the entire information of any supplier based on Vendor name in Triniti SDM. Play the video to know about Oracle EBS Supplier Data Management. Triniti SDM also comes with Supplier 360, supplier data integration, data quality dashboard, and audit reports, which we will share in a separate video.

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