Supply Chain and Operation Yield Cost Roll-up for Oracle SCM Cloud

Triniti’s specialized Cost Roll up solution, fills the gap in Oracle SCM cloud costing functionality relating to Operation Yield costing and Supply Chain cost roll-up. You will get the same final cost if you were using on-premise Oracle costing with OSFM. It is compatible with version 19C and above.

It does not completely replace the Cost Rollup in SCM Cloud but complements it. There are a lot of complex rules that Oracle Cloud provides for calculating resource and overhead costs, that you can still leverage. The Triniti solution only fills the above two gaps.

Here is the overall process to leverage both Oracle and Triniti costing for rolling up standard costs.
Oracle SCM Cloud Triniti Costing Process

The reason you have to delete the scenario in the SCM cloud before uploading the new costs from the Triniti costing is Oracle does not allow you to make any changes to costs when there are unpublished costs in one scenario. If your scenario is called ‘2019 - 3Q - R1’, then the scenario name that will be uploaded back to Oracle Cloud will be called  ‘2019 - 3Q - R1 - Yielded’.

The following screenshots from Triniti Costing, illustrate, how you can review the yielded costs.

1. Review the overall indented supply chain bill of material with the item-level cost. It has yielded cost shown separately for every manufactured item in the scenario. It includes both the bill of material and the inter-org and vendor sourcing.
Integrated Supply Chain BOM Cost View

2. For each Parent Item, drill down to the Operation Yield Costs.
Operation Cost Details

3. Further, drill down to the elemental cost details.
Operational Elemental Cost Details

4. You can also review the details from the SCM cloud, which the Triniti costing uses for purchased material, resource, and overhead costs.  Notice how the material cost is zero for the sub-assembly.  Triniti costing will update this cost with the new yielded rolled-up cost.
SCM Cloud Cost Details

Also, notice that the Supply Chain cost rollup will update the cost in all organizations that an item is sourced into.
Integrated Supply Chain BOM Cost View

As you can now see, you will get the same functionality as Oracle EBS with OSFM.  In conjunction with the Lot eDapter enhancements to fill gaps for specialized transaction support for the SCM cloud, you have all the reasons to move to Oracle cloud!

Welcome to Triniti’s Supply Chain Cost Rollup solution with yielded costing. It addresses two gaps in SCM Cloud Costing, including rolling up costs across multiple organizations and operation yield or shrinkage cost in the assembly cost. We have used a typical Semiconductor structure as an example.

Play the video to know more about Triniti's Supply Chain Cost Rollup.

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