Christmas Is A Claus For Celebration


There once was a boy who spent his days selling newspapers to pay for school. One day while walking, he started feeling low and went door to door asking for food. He was denied every single time until he reached the door of a girl.

He asked for a glass of water, but seeing his poor state, the girl came back with a glass of MILK. The boy asked how much he owed her for the milk, but she refused payment.

Years later, the girl, who was now a grown-up woman, fell sick and went from doctor to doctor, but no one was able to cure her. Finally, she went to a doctor who spent months treating her until she was finally cured. Despite her happiness, she was afraid she couldn’t afford to pay the bill.

But, when the hospital handed her the bill, it read, ‘Paid in full, with a glass of MILK.’

When we have enough to help others, don’t let that chance go. Our good deeds will never go unrewarded. May we all find ourselves among those we care about, sharing in generosity and gratitude.

Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Promising New Year!

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