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Triniti Big Data SI's Data Warehouse Consultants
We have nothing to Unlearn or learn. We leverage our existing expertise They have to learn new domains (ERP et. al) They have to unlearn and learn new technology.  Unlearning is more difficult than learning
We have 22+ years of experience in ERP, MES, SCM, HCM, and CRM.  Our expertise with the underlying data models, the business processes, and the business requirements is crucial in designing the data lakes.  We also understand Relational databases that store all this information very well.  We leveraged that expertise to extend our knowledge of columnar tabular formats and know when to use a columnar big data format such as Parquet or ORC vis-a-vis row formats such as AVRO They come with experience and expertise in dealing with large volumes of primarily unstructured and semi-structured data.  Structured data experience is limited to dealing with collecting data from streaming systems such as IIOT and or information logs generated by devices (CPU, Memory, bandwidth, disk usage) Their expertise is in building data marts, cubes, denormalized tables, and ETL.  They will have to unlearn what they have been doing for their entire careers (many of them cannot imagine a Data warehouse without ETL)

Adopting Big Data as the repository and query platform is in sync with Triniti's philosophy of providing actionable insights in real-time. We, in the past, have picked materialized views over traditional cubes to avoid latency issues leveraging LEAN. Continuing our approach to modernization of business intelligence, we now offer Hadoop ecosystem consulting services to modernize Data warehouses. The Hadoop ecosystem provides low-cost, highly scalable data lakes as an alternative. We use a 6-step approach:

  1. Discovery - We review your hardware and software landscape along with how users use the data warehouse. We also :

    • Present an end-state

    • Identify gaps in business processes and data that impede achieving the end-state

    • Define success criteria

  2. Roadmap - We translate the strategic output of step1 to a tactical and operational action plan for business intelligence modernization. Triniti will identify components in the Hadoop, Apache, and open-source ecosystems such as Sqoop, Airflow, Ambari, Presto. It will start with the mandatory starter pack and present the final version with all the bells and whistles that migrate all your reporting and analytics

  3. Proof of Concept - Bringing the concept to life with rapid prototyping, we do a POC. It helps visualize data sources, data flows, performance benchmarks, and insight into things to come

  4. The Beachhead - Based on the inputs from POC, making course corrections as required, we implement the beachhead identified in the POC. It will reinforce to the organization the benefits of modernizing the BI infrastructure

  5. Roll-out - We then use the organizations' lessons learned during the initial implementation to fine-tune and roll out to the rest of the BI domains

  6. Continuous Improvement -  As technology evolves and business requirements change, we enable you to become an agile enterprise. One that is proactive, not reactive, and is a driver of growth and success.  It goes beyond business insight.  E-Commerce and media giants such as Amazon and Google, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in, shared economy organizations such as Uber and Airbnb are already there. What is stopping you? Call 866-531-9587 or fill out the contact form.

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