Implementing ERP and MES for Startups and Pre-IPO Companies

Any organization in a phase of rapid expansion (> 40% CAGR) is a Hypergrowth company, and they tend to be predominantly startups taking off from the Venture funding stage. While working with companies evaluating business applications, we have seen more prospects in the space over the last couple of years. Read our blog on implementing ERP and MES for startups and pre-IPO Companies to understand further aspects.

Top 5-things we did in 2020

As we bring down the curtain on the tumultuous 2020, I indulged myself in some retrospection and decided to jot down the things that, in my opinion, helped us pull through. 

AngioDynamics: Building a Case for Oracle Demand Management Cloud

AngioDynamics, a leading provider of innovative medical devices, went live with Oracle Demand Management Cloud solution integrated with its Oracle EBS. To build a business case, we focused on a couple of aspects. Let us read the blog to know more

Responsive Realignment Strategies of Triniti Customers: The COVID-19 Factor

In our previous blogs, we talked about digital transformation and our adoption as general strategies. In this, we will walk you through specific tactics we developed for our customers in response to COVID-19 challenges.

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