Oracle Shop Floor Management for SCM Cloud

ERP MES IntegrationThere is a high likelihood that you are here as you are concerned that Oracle currently does not have a roadmap for providing Oracle Shop Floor Management (OSFM) capability on the SCM cloud. We like you were concerned as well. More than that, it was an existential threat for us as an extensive portfolio of our customers use both OSFM and our flagship integration product Lot eDapter in tandem.

Like any smart business would do, we took this threat and converted it into an opportunity to build that capability into Lot eDapter. After all, our CEO Srinath Alamela, architected and developed many components of OSFM himself. He did not have to do it alone this time as he has a great team to support him. Version 2 is even better. As a result, you can use this same workhorse to connect to the Oracle SCM Cloud and get all the advance features of the new platform. Its primary role is integrating Oracle with internal factories, external fabs and SUBCON’s. Now, it also has features that Oracle Shop Floor Management (OSFM) provide for complex MES transactions and Yield by operation.

Customers have enjoyed the robust capability of Lot eDapter. It has been in production for 20 years now and successfully served 14 customers including Sony semiconductor and Qualcomm. You can also avail the wealth of knowledge encapsulated in this integrated solution.

The following table illustrates features and functionalities of Triniti's Lot Edapter support, and compares it with on-premise EBS capabilities.

Functionality Feature
Lot Tracking MES Transactions OSFM WIP SCM Cloud Lot eDapter for Cloud
Start Yes Yes Yes Yes
Consume Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bonus Lot Yes Yes Yes Yes
Move Yes Yes Yes Yes
Undo**** Yes Yes Yes Yes Undo****
Lot eDapter supports comprehensive UNDO, including Complex transaction like SPLIT/MERGE.
Scrap Yes Yes Yes Yes
Change Attribute Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hold Yes Yes Yes Yes Transfer*
Release Yes Yes Yes Yes Direct Org
Cancel Yes Yes Yes Yes Intransit
Split Yes Yes Yes Yes Subinv
Merge Yes Yes Yes Yes Issue
Change Routing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transfer* Yes Yes Yes Yes Receive**
Receive** Yes Yes Yes Yes Misc Receipt
Translate Yes Yes Yes Yes Acct Alias Receipt
Change Lot Yes Yes Yes Yes I/O Receipt
Change Lot Type Yes Yes Yes Yes PO Receipt
IREQ Receipt
Costing Feature OSFM WIP SCM Cloud Lot eDapter for Cloud
Yield by Operation in Standard Cost Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shrinkage in Standard Cost Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yield Variance by Job Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yield Variance by Operation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supply Chain Cost Rollup Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lot Genealogy Feature OSFM WIP SCM Cloud Lot eDapter for Cloud
Graphical (Flow) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Worksheet (Hierarchical with indentation) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lot 360 360 View Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exception Management Single Screen Yes Yes Yes Yes

Welcome to Triniti’s Lot eDapter. It is part of our semiconductor solution. In this short video, you can learn how it integrates Internal Fabs, Backends, Foundries, and Subcon’s into Oracle SCM cloud. It takes all the transactions in an MES centric format. It also breaks down complex transactions that are not supported by SCM Cloud like Split and Merge into supported transactions. This video demonstrates the entire flow of the integration from Purchase Order Receipt of a Wafer to Completion of the Finished Good Lot. With Triniti's solution, you will get all the features of Oracle Shop Floor Manufacturing in Oracle Cloud.

Play the video to know more about Triniti's Lot eDapter.

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