Employee Growth, Turnover and Happiness Survey Trends

At Triniti, we are driven primarily by two goals, one which pertains to the external world and the other one which addresses internal expectations. The first one is the one which justifies our existence, Customer Satisfaction and the second is that one which drives our first objective, Employee Happiness. We strive to achieve it through opportunity, learning, and fairness.


Triniti conducts periodic surveys to keep track of the above objectives. These surveys have been helping our clients and our employees in sharing their opinion on how we are doing and also show us the path for course corrections on regular basis.

We have also included our employee count and turnover trends. It shows how we have managed to grow, keep turnover down and sustain employee happiness.

Triniti employees headcount trend

Attrition has been going down while we continue to grow



 Being treated fairly by performance appraisal?

Current appraisal to be at par or better than the last appraisal?



Excited about coming to work every morning?

Learning new stuff at work



Happy with their own performance at work?

Guidance from mentors in the areas where they need help?



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