Lab Diagnostics Industry Solution for Oracle Cloud

Solution Highlights

  • Integration with Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

​Your core lab operations live and breathe inside your LIMS - as they rightly should. Integrate it with Oracle Cloud application to connect the entire organization

  • Plate and Assay Tracking

Accurate recording and tracking of material and resource costs based on LIMS data.
Gain insights for decision making on Plate loads and Assay mixes

  • Lab Procurement on Auto-pilot

Free up time for your valuable resources to focus on operating the lab rather than
worry about inventory levels and replenishments, while still maintaining full control and visibility

  • Pre-configured Financial Rules

COGS Recognition, WIP Value tracking, Lab Inventory Valuation, Accounting events, Variance analysis specific to your industry

  • Plan for Growth and Uncertainty

Keep up with the high growth and rapidly changing demand and technology. Powerful tactical and strategic planning simulations for quick decision making

Solution Dashboard Screenshots


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