Excel Business Case and ROI Calculators for ERP/MDM Projects

Triniti Business case ROI Calculator

Business leaders often grapple with justifying investments especially when there is great uncertainty relating to both cost and return.  Understandably so, since the repercussions of an incorrect ROI assumption not only hurts organizations with lost opportunity of time and money but also discredits leaders. This is true of enterprise software projects.

To solve the problem, leaders create business cases that justify the investments.  Often, these documents focus mostly on intangible benefits that skirt the hard numbers required to build a defensible business case.  Well-designed ROI calculators can help solve this problem.

Robust ROI calculators are not easily available.  Organizations may not have internal resources to build these and readymade templates are either not comprehensive or not easily customizable.

Triniti with over 20 years of experience and more than a 100 enterprise software projects, has collected metrics that matter within different domains and process areas such as master data management (MDM), quote to cash (Q2C), procure to pay (P2P) etc., These metrics relate to both business benefits and cost drivers within the process areas.  Additionally, in some areas, they also include industry benchmarks.

To help business leaders, make effective decisions with IT investments and spending, we have decided to make these ROI calculators available for free.  This continues our tradition and commitment to transparency and sharing.

You need Microsoft Excel to use them.  Examples are also provided for reference.

Enclosed are the list of business case templates.  We will be periodically adding new process areas. You will need a password to unlock the sheets for which you would have to provide a verifiable email.  However, your email will not be used for marketing purposes internally or externally.  It is simply to protect ourselves from cheaters who can easily copy our IP as it is available free online.

MDM Master data management is a key building block in the enterprise architecture.  To successfully realize benefits in other areas such as CRM, PLM, ERP and Business Intelligence, poor master data management is the greatest impediment.  Hence organizations must have a robust MDM in place. This calculator is for MDM Business Case & ROI Analysis. Download Example Download Template

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