Oracle ERP Cloud vs Oracle EBS

Comparison Summary - Oracle ERP Cloud (Fusion) vs Oracle EBS

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Functional Comparison - Oracle ERP Cloud (Fusion) vs Oracle EBS

(Only the functionalities that are substantially different/enhanced have been mentioned)
Criterion Cloud Improvement Score Cloud Applications (Release 13 - 20B) EBS Applications (Release 12.1.x & above) Rationale for score
Application Access : Enabled users, productive users
Access to functionalities Access to functionalities score Access to functionalities is provided based on job or duty roles assigned to the user Multi-org focused access in which functionalities are available under multiple responsibilities Moving from complex Functions, menu, and responsibility structures to simplified role-based access.
Access to Data Access to Data score Access is controlled using Data Security policies. Used profile-based access Enables granular control on Data access
Configurations : Easier, simpler, Role centric efficient process for configurations
Ease of access to Application configurations Ease of access to Application configurations score Fusion Applications provide a central setup up area from where ALL configurations can be completed In EBS, setups were tied to each Oracle Application that is to be setup. setup access was therefore available under different responsibilities. Provides ability to configure, monitor status and control the configuration process
Transparency in configuration process Transparency in configuration process score Implementation Project captures all configurations to be performed, sequence and dependencies Setup performed were based on Oracle Setup guide and consultant knowledge Dependency on consultant knowledge and configuration errors are largely reduced
Speed and Accuracy of Configurations Speed and Accuracy of Configurations score Provides Exporting and Importing of configuration. This feature was not available in EBS. iSetup a module that came very late is not very reliable Using this functionality, setups can be ported from DEV instance to TEST etc. very quickly
Express Rollout Express Rollout score Templates can be used for performing express configurations This feature was not available in EBS Once a configuration template has been created, roll out of the application using that template for a new Business Unit becomes very quick
Connecting Business / Applications : Integration made easy
MS Excel Interface MS Excel Interface Allows use of MS Excel to access and import data EBS used Desktop Integrator Excel is an extremely common tool used across industries so no additional training is required
Integration Protocols Integration Protocols score Supports integration using SOAP, XML etc. EBS did not support these protocols and web services were to be built Integrations like EDI, Banks Reconciliation, ACH Payments, etc are very simple and quick to implement
File-based data import File based data import Seeded functionality to upload high volumes of data EBS used SQL loader Bulk data load is now handled with better performance
Customizations : More flexibility but key feature for code-based customization is not available
Look and feel customization Look and feel customization score Introduces Sandbox where changes are stores in a virtual box, allowing extensive changes to look and feel, etc. Changes were limited what can be done thru personalization Facilitating personalized experience to the application is easier to achieve.
Code-based customizations Code based customizations score Not available. There are however workarounds With Database access, custom objects can be created and used Conventional wisdom says 'Customization' is bad and this 'non-feature', should actually have a positive score. We have seen that it is impossible for most organizations to move to a complete 'Vanilla' system. While the Cloud offers a broad range of API's to extend functionality, lack of access to read-only SQL severely limits the ability to build scalable 'Extensions'. Triniti has pioneered creative solutions to work around this massive wall. But in general, we give this a negative score.

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