COVID-19: Triniti’s Advice on Business Continuity Planning

Responding to Coronavirus is a challenge for any business. The global and interconnected nature of the business environment has caused a serious supply chain disruption, adversely impacting worldwide economies and GDP. Individual organizations in all countries are trying their best to protect their employees, clients, and partners from COVID-19. All the while trying to minimize the impact of the pandemic on their businesses.

Evolution of Oracle Costing – Checking CFO’s Wish-list with In-Memory Cost Management

​Starting with early releases, Cost Management, one of the most stable components, provided multiple flavors. On the basis of costing method supported, it included Standard Cost, FIFO, as well as Average Costing. In terms of the manufacturing process, Cost Management offered support for Oracle Shop Floor Management (OSFM), focused on Lot based manufacturing and Lot genealogy with Work In Progress (WIP) provided cost transactions for discrete manufacturing and Oracle Process Manufacturing (OPM) supported process manufacturing.

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