The Triniti Approach:

Solution Enablement

From pre-implementation planning through post-implementation maintenance and enhancements, Triniti's approach is always solution enablement.


Pre-Implementation Services

Business Analysis
Requirements Gathering
Scoping and Planning

At Triniti, your buying process is customer-centric, not Oracle or SI centric.
Plan for successful implementation with our knowledgeable consultants.
Inquire now at no risk or obligation and discover what we can do for your business, free of charge.

At no risk or obligation, discover what Triniti can do for your business.
Pre-Implementation Services: Business Analysis, Requirements Gathering, Scoping and Planning

Solution Enablement: The Role of Sales

The Traditional Approach

Too often, the pre-implementation process involves excessive selling without enough emphasis on customer success. Offering after offering, upsell after upsell, the sales process becomes another burden on your plate.

The Triniti Approach

At Triniti, we have replaced our sales function with solution enablement consultants who are focused on your objectives to successfully deliver solution into production. We work closely with you to create detailed designs and scopes of work to ensure accurate planning, mitigating the risks of scope, schedule and cost surprises throughout the project. Once you engage Triniti to deliver a project, these services come at no cost to you.

Discover: The Role of the System Integrator

The Traditional Approach

Many System Integrators (SIs) promote an excessive amount of Oracle software aggressively for the sake of increased sales revenue and to establish relationships with Oracle salespeople. This often results in customers buying software that is unnecessary or premature. Rather than discovering the true cause of your problems, they push solutions and tell you what you need.

The Triniti Approach

At Triniti, we prioritize your success over our sales, so we advise you only on what you need and provide the necessary resources to get you where you need to be. Using our extensive pool of resources, we delve deep into the core of your business to find the true root of your problems, addressing only what is necessary. If it isn't broken, don't fix it!

Risk Minimization: Dedicated Staff vs. Subcontractors

The Traditional Approach

Does your System Integrator (SI) plan to staff your project with their own employees, or will they engage subcontractors or independent consultants? It is important that you are aware of the answers to these questions. Engaging outside resources creates an unnecessary risk with too many unknowns. Other SIs measure their consultants on utilization and margins, creating misalignment with your goals.

The Triniti Approach

We engage our own implementation consultants to directly work with you in your buying phase, providing valuable insight into the solution and process. Our consultants are measured only on customer satisfaction and individual skills (both technical and soft). By avoiding subcontractors and independent consultants, the risk of unreliable resources is completely eliminated.

Implementation Services

Design Development
and Launch

Execute projects with predictable, high-quality results.
Successful implementations are the result of the proper balance
between schedule, cost, and quality. Capable consultants utilizing
effective processes and cutting-edge technology all lend to setting a proper plan.
Contact us to learn more about our approach to implementation.

At no risk or obligation, discover what Triniti can do for your business.
Implementation Services: Design Development and Launch

Our People

At Triniti, we work to ensure our consultants are fulfilled so our customers can reap the benefits with knowledgeable team players producing high-quality work.

When you work with our consultants, it is immediately noticeable - a certain detail-oriented, collaborative work ethic that reflects the Triniti DNA. With an average attrition rate of less than 6% for the last 6 years, the core philosophy of Triniti becomes abundantly clear - satisfied consultants enable satisfied clients to achieve their goals. With a strong focus on people, Triniti understands that the success of one elevates the success of all.

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Our Process

Experience our outcome-oriented, SLA based delivery process for implementation, support and enhancements with a 100% budget and quality guarantee.

Our consultants are highly experienced in both Waterfall and Agile methodologies of software development. These standards help ensure better alignment and more predictable outcomes. The secret to our success, however, is the unique process we have specially developed to measure performance. A high degree of automation enables our SLAs to be objective and measurable and helps achieve equilibrium of schedule, cost, and quality. We are extremely confident that our performance process will yield the desired results, so much so that we offer a 100% budget and quality guarantee. If anytime we are not meeting or exceeding expectations, we will exhaust all resources to find the right solutions.

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Our Practices

Triniti has spared no expense to acquire the best and brightest resources. We recruit top talent and invest in training and mentorship to ensure consultants are excessively capable in the latest technologies.

It is important that Triniti remain pioneers in the latest and greatest technologies. To that end, we recruit resources with expertise in numerous big names in business technology. We also offer customized Triniti brand software products that streamline the implementation process, utilizing our own proven technology to benefit your implementations. In addition, our consultants have a high understanding of when to introduce technologies to your business, whether long-standing and proven or cutting-edge game-changers, maximizing the realized benefits from the implementation.

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Post-Production Services

Product Support
and Enhancements

Improve and maintain the health of your technology with
Post-Implementation support, enhancement, and diagnostics.
Think of our consultants as doctors. The health and vitality of your
business depends on the highly-specialized knowledge and tools of experts.

At no risk or obligation, discover what Triniti can do for your business.
Post-Production Services: Product Support and Enhancements

Post-Implementation Diagnostics

No two companies are the same. Triniti consultants analyze business processes and technologies to offer immediate diagnoses to identify the nature and cause of unique and pressing business ailments. We dig deep to find the root cause and provide the smartest solutions to eliminate the problems.

Post-Implementation Support

Once implementation is complete, what happens next? To ensure a smooth transition, our support team is available 24/7 and offers a wide range of services, from Regression Testing as a Service to DBA & System Administration. Our support team will help maintain the health of your business proactively by monitoring data, predicting possible problem areas, and offering preventive solutions to avoid ailments.

Post-Implementation Enhancement

As your business grows, it is important to constantly adapt and find ways to improve on the status quo. Triniti offers enhancement services that will optimize your current technology so your business can scale the right way. Whether you are rolling out a new entity, integrating M&A's, or upgrading your Oracle ERP system, our enhancement services can help you boost productivity and reduce cost.

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