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Triniti's Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Consulting and Cloud ERP expertise is best-in-class

Why Triniti?

If you ever engaged with a reliable plumber, electrician, or contractor for your home or office, would you look for another? The same is true for our "sticky" customers, who have continued to use our services for more than 20 years. You can also avail yourself of a reliable partner. Before you trust our word, you can hear from our customers in their testimonials. You can know more about how we do it by reading below. 


At the core of our success is our people.

  • Hiring: It starts with the people we hire. Their hunger and their abilities are the starting point

  • Training: Apart from traditional training, videos, and personal instruction, we train them using hands-on, on-the-job simulations that help them be productive quickly

  • Compensation: Unlike other companies that compensate based on billed time, we pay salaries and bonuses by measuring their skills and customer service. We give additional bonuses for team success

  • Functional and Technical: Unlike other companies that qualify consultants as Functional or Technical, our consultants are Functional and Technical. This process not only produces better quality but is also cheaper for you. It eliminates miscommunication risks

  • Mentorship: Powering Trinitians are a dedicated group of background mentors who transform raw talent into skilled experts

  • Culture: Triniti's stated and demonstrated culture of employee happiness, customer satisfaction has sustained this state of fulfillment for the employees, who turn that into customer success


  • Implementation vs. Configuration: Unlike most other companies, we start with business processes. We then use a Lean lens to ensure these processes are the most efficient and effective

  • Ownership: We take ownership of essential implementation activities - 

    • Testing: By taking ownership of testing, we relieve the end-users of precious time. As most end-users are overworked already, they seldom get the time to do exhaustive testing. Of course, we do not prevent them from testing if they choose to do so

    • Quality: Our goal is zero defects in production. Quality is not an afterthought but ingrained into the process. It is the expectation of zero defects that anchors the approach

    • User Training: The ability of the end-users to use the new system is integral to the success of the project. Hence we make it our priority

  • Daily Planning: We execute project plans every day to measure that we are on track. Since we use manufacturing techniques in implementation, we have borrowed concepts of supply chain planning and Theory of constraints to improve on-time delivery. Time lost can never be recovered, so we must ensure we react daily

  • Buffers: All companies have cushions in their estimates. However, unlike others, we expose them as project buffers. We track buffer consumption to provide early warning and focus on system-generated critical path action items to get back on track


Over our 25 years of experience implementing EBS, we have built productivity software for consulting delivery of our projects. It directly reduces the administration costs for the project and improves visibility.

  • Project Management Automation: Our proprietary software, TRI2, has a 2-way integration with MS-Project. It allows us to take the execution data and export it to MS-Project, where we perform constrained scheduling to project expected completion dates. Additionally, we automatically compare it with any previous day's plan to quickly identify the cause of delays. Unlike other companies that use sophisticated Excel trackers to give you a false sense of security and professionalism, our approach is simple, accurate, and actionable. It just requires discipline

  • Business Process Mapping: TRI2 also has a module to map EBS and other software functions and manual steps to the business process. Users can see this visually. Unlike other companies that maintain BPMs (if they create them) in Powerpoint or Visio, we convert BPM data into a structured format to generate test cases. 

  • Application Object Migration: Finally, we use the AOM module of TRI2 to migrate application and software objects reliably to TEST, PROD, and other non-development instances. It frees consultants, DBAs, and approvers from onerous documentation and manual errors.

Data Lakes


Other Oracle

Triniti helps you realize the full potential of Oracle's cutting-edge ERP technology. Our expert consultants have implemented and enhanced hundreds of Oracle systems for Fortune 500 companies. Triniti consultants have the knowledge, experience, and attitude to successfully produce the most effective and efficient Oracle system your business needs.

Oracle EBS consulting - value chain planning

Oracle Value Chain Planning

Improve your ROI on Oracle VCP with the most experienced consultants

Over a decade ago, Triniti did pioneering work in Oracle VCP modules when some of these modules were very nascent. This resulted in several critical enhancements to the Rules-Based Optimization Engine and gave us in-depth insight into the schematics of the planning engine. That, coupled with the experience of working with very highly experienced master planners, has given us a pool of consultants who have the outlook of a supply chain business user with the ability to translate that into a model best suited for planning and execution.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition consulting

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

Make Faster and Smarter Decisions with OBIEE.

If you are frustrated with BI applications and are unable to recover your investments in OBIEE, talk to us about a simplified architecture that leverages the database technology of Oracle. Our approach not only insulates the transactional database (OLTP) from performance degradation but also improves the availability of the dashboards and trends in OBIEE. With other consulting companies, you get consultants who either know OBIEE or Oracle E-Business Suite. Additionally, with BI Apps you also need expertise in Informatica. With Triniti's simplified architecture and consultants who know both OBIEE and E-Business Suite, it is efficient and cost-effective.

Triniti has trained many consultants in Oracle Integrated Operational Planning (IOP)


Improve your margin by closely managing your COGS

Triniti has trained close to 60 consultants in Oracle Integrated Operational Planning (IOP), as it believes IOP solves a business problem that has not been solved before. Triniti has pioneered sales wins at Marvell semiconductor and Peregrine Semiconductor to implement IOP. Triniti will help you configure IOP to achieve the optimum benefits from financial, sales, and operations planning. Additionally, if you have trouble implementing "thick" demand planning tools from Oracle, SAP, i2, and Adexa (for field sales as they prefer highly usable Excel formats), then Triniti can help you implement lightweight excel based demand planning solutions using IOP. Triniti’s historical expertise in the legacy Oracle planning products (ASCP, Demantra, Oracle Demand Planning) will help you seamlessly integrate IOP into the Oracle landscape. With Triniti and IOP, you can finally link operational plans to financial results and have Timely, Reliable, Accurate, and Complete actual gross margin.

Resource Library :
Learn how Triniti helped Marvell link operational plans to financial results with Oracle IOP

Oracle SOA Suite consulting

SOA Suite

Triniti resources are knowledgeable in SOA and E-Business Suite

Oracle SOA Suite is a comprehensive, hot-pluggable software suite to build, deploy and manage Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA). The components of the suite benefit from common capabilities including consistent tooling, a single deployment, and management model, end-to-end security, and unified metadata management.

Oracle EBS Consulting


Reduce your TCO for implementing and integrating SFDC and Oracle E-Business Suite

Triniti provides end-to-end service and solutions offerings ranging from implementation and integration of services including migration of applications to Platform. Our cost-effective solutions having a perceptive understanding of client business goals and requirements have proven our expertise in establishing a strong relationship with our clients. We have a strong team of techno-functional Salesforce certified consultants with expertise and experience in Application outsourcing engagements as well

Oracle EBS Consulting


Speed up your Kinaxis implementation by leveraging the deep knowledge of our consultants of supply chain and fulfillment processes. We also offer a ready-to-use integration to Oracle EBS.

Kinaxis Rapid Response can enhance the overall supply chain planning process through its blazing-fast what-if analysis capability. Triniti consultants can add value to the implementation process through their deep knowledge of Oracle EBS and Advanced supply chain planning concepts. Triniti team has proven capability in building extracts from Oracle EBS to feed data to Kinaxis Rapid Response which ensures on-time & accurate supply chain visibility to the planning engine

Oracle EBS Consulting

Fabless Semiconductor

If you are a Fabless Semiconductor company, we have a well-tested and ready to implement solution that can manage your business seamlessly. Our solution template has been developed over the period of 17 years and successfully implemented at many of our happy customers

Resource Library :
See what Triniti has done for Marvell, a leading fabless provider

Oracle EBS Consulting

Engineering, Procurement, and Production

With Oracle EBS, and using Oracle Projects and the supporting Financial and Manufacturing Applications, we can help you track your EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contracts and projects from realization, design and engineering, prototyping, project tracking, implementation (procurement, manufacturing, construction), shipping and receiving, project costing, project billing and financial accounting. You will have complete visibility and control of the project at all times with flexible configurations that will map to your industry requirements, security per project and organization, accounting requirements per local statutory mandates, intercompany cross-project cooperation and coordination, project capitalization, and global reporting dashboards.

Oracle EBS Consulting

High Tech Manufacturing

With over 17 years of experience in this space, we have developed in-depth knowledge of this industry. This in turn gives us an edge as we are able to bring completely thought out and tested solutions to the table right at the beginning of any project. As this was the area that Triniti began its journey as a company, a lot of our happy customers exist in this space.

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