Learn how TPM enables Timely, Reliable, Accurate and Complete information

Consumers of data (such as a planner, a cost accountant or a departmental head) rely on accurate master data which is rarely available.

This is mainly on account of the fact that they are not directly in control of entering and maintaining reliable master data.  They must rely on other users who are not always the consumers of this data.

Usability issues in the Oracle ERP screens are the primary bottleneck for these users, which make it extremely difficult to maintain reliable data. Triniti's Product Modeler (TPM) eliminates this impediment by making it extremely easy for users with its usability features as the screen shot signifies.

Second, TPM has workflow which ensures that the RIGHT users are notified when they have to enter data by sending them notifications. You do not have to rely on traffic cops or email to ensure that, thereby reducing your cost and improving accuracy.

Finally, TPM also has the ability to do ALL CUSTOM validations that are relevant for YOUR organization and not just the seeded validations that come with Oracle. For e.g. in your organization, for a certain commodity of products that you procure, say the maximum lead time is 30 days.  In Standard Oracle,  any number is valid, you can enter 300 for instance and you can imagine what impact that has on the planning engine! - but in TPM you can control for that particular item category it must be less than 31 days.

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