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There are multiple areas where ADM (application data management) can be used, but not every ADM implementation can give a positive return on investment. Master data in your industry can contain (1) primary master data such as products and product structures, customers, suppliers, employees, logistics routes and (2) secondary master data such as payment terms, carriers and freight terms. Ideally, all master data needs to be accurate for a business to operate successfully, but you need to focus on the areas that give you the highest return for your buck. For example, if you are an aircraft or automobile manufacturer – you may have millions of parts and thousands of suppliers, but very few customers. So a product ADM and a supplier ADM are much more useful for you to focus on initially.  You need to look at the complexity of your business and the areas that are causing you the most effort in order to improve your data accuracy.  If you have offshore locations that manage your master data at low cost, that is not a good excuse. As long as you don’t have a good systematic process to improve your data management process, you are dependent on people and tribal knowledge and you will end up compromising on quality and timeliness at a certain point in the future. The process of migrating to an ADM is at least a 3 month process and could be up to 12 months for a more complicated business or with a business with multiple systems.

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