Learn how TPM helps you easily enter and view supply chain master data

Typically users visualize their products in hierarchical structures like a Bill of material. They also look at ALL attributes - it does not matter how the ERP stores them or classifies them as either item, BOM or routing attributes. Triniti's product modeler (TPM) is a maintenance tool that significantly improves usability by helping users visualize their product exactly that same way, not how they are stored in the database or whether they are attributes of the item, the bom or the routing. Second, in Oracle ERP there is no systematic control to ensure that ALL data is entered to ensure the COMPLETENESS of the structure including item attributes bom's and their respective attributes before they are committed to the ERP, while in TPM you enter all of them in one screen. In case you are half done, you can save them in a temporary store before you commit it to the ERP. When you commit to Oracle from TPM, it synchronously transfer all the information to Oracle using standard supported API's.  This ensures that there is no latency on when you enter information in TPM and it is available for consumption in Oracle.  Even if there is one failure in validation, then it prevents ANY information from being transferred to Oracle.  Furthermore, without TPM, there is NO easy way for you to ensure that all the data has been entered free of error. With TPM you have visibility to ALL data in one screen, eliminating that problem. Finally TPM also provides the ability to store "templates" or models that can be reused to create new structures. No wonder, in repeated measurements with expert Oracle UI users, TPM has shown to improve productivity by more than 600% while raising accuracy to 100%.

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