How Application Object Migrator (AOM) module of TRI² application lifecycle management, helped Triniti improve quality & lower cost of ownership to customers

Client Background

Triniti is a business & application consulting firm specialized in Oracle's e-Business Suite of products. It also builds products for MDM, Application Testing & Objects Migration, Project Management, Business Intelligence & Reporting, leveraging its in-depth knowledge of integrating EBS with other heterogeneous applications.

"After AOM was implemented, I am relieved from supervision activities, follow-ups, and addressing last-minute fire-fighting activities. Now I just take a look at release notes sent by AOM and this additional time in hand helped me reclaim my family outings on weekends"

- Lavanya Kumar Chinta, Director, Product Development, Triniti Corporation

"Automation capabilities of AOM made the difference to my work-life balance. My phone does not ring on weekends to report any migration failures or to pull me into any unscheduled meetings. My children vouch for this difference as I can now firmly plan for weekend get-togethers and spend quality time with them"

- Sangeetha Sudha Kolluru, Group Manager, Product Management, Triniti Corporation

"As a Framework Manager, I need to track the tickets for all the framework modules, planned for weekend migration. In our earlier days, it used to be an unofficial working day on weekends to micro-manage things and to make sure all the patches were migrated properly in the expected order. AOM has simplified the complete process and has relaxed us from all such activities. Now we are able to plan our personal work better"

- Yamini Yedla, Group Manager, Product Development, Triniti Corporation

Using AOM for automated code migration, Triniti product development teams saved approximately 4000 person-days in the last ten years. We transitioned from a stressful to a streamlined work environment. It also helped us achieve enhanced productivity and quality deliverables. With AOM taking care of scheduled migrations, we regained quality time on weekends and off-work hours during production migrations.

Outcomes for Stakeholders

For over a decade now, AOM has helped Triniti development teams experience the power of automation and realize the difference it brings to their work environments. Automated process control and audit trail are beneficial to all stakeholders. Salient points of outcomes to specific stakeholders are:

  • Developers
    • Enforced a discipline of checking code into CVS and SVN
    • Relief from documenting migration steps
    • Minimized rework as quality time spent on coding and testing
    • More time for fun-filled weekends and after-work hours
  • QA Leads
    • Freed them from gatekeeping activities
    • Workflow enforced system controls prevented non-compliances
    • Automated audit trail eliminated reliance on development teams
  • Product Managers
    • One interface for complete information on changes
    • More time spent on planning with mitigated execution risks
    • Less chaotic and more collaborative work environment
  • DBAs/ IT Administrators
    • Prevention of developer access to controlled environments provided complete control
    • Physical presence not mandated during migrations
    • Eliminated ad hoc requests (for log files, instance access)

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After implementing AOM, Developers, Product Managers and DBA/ IT saved their productive time, and the number of hours saved is provided in the below table:

Role Average no. of Hours saved per Migration Ticket Average no. of Hours saved per year Average no. of Hours saved from 2012 to till date
Developer 2.00 1801.20 18012
Product Manager 0.75 675.45 6754.50
DBA/IT 0.75 675.45 6754.50
Total 3.50 3152.10 31521.00

Statistics Snapshots

Below are the statistics highlighting year-wise unique migrations, migrated objects, and migrated unique object types


Key Benefits

  • Every environment other than development becomes controlled
  • Production migration failures came down drastically
  • Scheduled migration windows brought down instances of irregular downtimes during working hours in case of migration failures
  • Reduced lead time for cloning any environment from the Production by remigrating missing objects at a mouse click
  • Map objects once and then migrate them to multiple environments - a great effort saver for product development
  • Generates upgrade packs without manual intervention
  • Creates a win-win situation for all internal stakeholders and customers

Workflow Snapshot


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