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Inventory Valuation in Oracle EBS is no more a challenge

Leverage Oracle Supply Chain information with the objective of calculating accurate Inventory Valuation.

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Inter-company Transaction Automation

Maximize tax benefits while complying with inter-company margin requirements of legal entities.

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Data Analyzer for Oracle VCP

Triniti's Data Quality Dashboard (DQD) has been designed to address issues of poor data quality in an unstable planning environment.

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Triniti iReserves - Excess & Obsolescence (E&O) Inventory Analyzer is a product offering which is uniquely designed to leverage Oracle Supply Chain information with the objective of calculating accurate Inventory Valuation driven by a Real-time, Accurate, Complete and Fully Automated process

Excess & Obsolete (E&O) Inventory Reserves is the retention of estimated charge from earnings to write down the value of inventory due to expected impairment. Recording E&O Inventory Reserves is according to the principle of conservative accounting which allows the business to estimate inventory losses early on and prevents the balance sheet inventory accounts from being inflated. Accordingly, this is treated as a mandate for the Financial Reporting as per Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) as well as during SOX audits. In the absence of a system-driven process for inventory valuation during the period-end closing, business users are required to use spreadsheets to store valuation-related data and set up inventory valuation rules and criteria sets outside of the Oracle ERP system. This process is inherently cumbersome, error-prone, and more importantly, not auditor-friendly. Triniti iReserves is an accurate and simplified offering designed to automate the process and to achieve maximum accuracy of calculating E&O Inventory Reserves by using real-time data. It is a systemic solution where the entire inventory valuation process is automated. It also introduces transparency with detailed explanations for the valuations of each group of materials. It is, therefore, easier to audit.


iReserves - E&O Inventory Analyzer Process

Oracle Inventory Reserves  

Key Features :

  • Automated collection of Inventory related master data and underlying transactions from Oracle Application
  • Calculation of E&O Reserves based on the configurable rules embedded in the iReserves engine
  • Equipped with an Advanced User Interface to enable users to Analyze, Update and Finalize the E&O Calculations the results with a minimal number of clicks
  • Powered with pre-configured KPIs for quick analysis of results, and for comparisons of multiple cycles and trends across past cycles
  • Automated publishing the E&O booking to Oracle General Ledger after stakeholders go ahead

Triniti iReserves is a product that automates the Excess and Obsolescence (E&O) process for Oracle Ebusiness suite. This process in most organizations is manually managed using Excel and email. With iReserves organizations can make the inventory valuation process very efficient and significantly reduce audit costs. It will also make the quarter and year-end closing process more efficient. iReserves comes prebuilt configurable rules, pre-built dashboards and KPI's. Play the video to know about Triniti iReserves.

By going through this demo, you can learn the features of Triniti's iReserves. iReserves automates the reserve calculation as part of the legal and business requirement to reserve excess and obsolescent (E&O) inventory and report an accurate inventory valuation. This process in most users of Oracle eBusiness suite is either completely manual or with some homegrown customization. iReserves has many features that make the process efficient and provides a complete audit trail. It also has built-in dashboards to quickly assess the performance. Play the video to see Triniti iReserves Demo.

With Triniti’s Automated Commercial Flow (ACF), maximize tax benefits while complying with intercompany margin requirements of legal entities

Tax Optimization is a critical part of running a global business and our software enables doing that while maintaining the sanity and rigor of doing it within the framework of the EBS. Keep your auditor's happy while at the same time optimize on your taxes!

Key Benefits :

  • Multiple Legs of Triangulation and Multiple Patterns based on Business Rules for Same Entities

Key Features :

  • Automate Inter-company Transactions

Triniti’s Data Quality Dashboard (DQD) allows you to improve returns on Oracle ASCP by improving data quality and making planning output easy to understand

ASCP output can be highly complex and confusing. Architected by planners with over 25 years in the industry, DQD allows users to quickly identify and resolve issues in the supply chain.

Key Benefits :

  • Data Input Cleansing - Comprehensive quality analysis of all data used by planning BEFORE data collection for planning run.
  • Planning Performance Monitoring - Ensures a timely and repeatable planning process for smooth collaboration throughout the supply chain.
  • Final Sanity Check - Empowers a planner to understand WHY a plan has changed - critical information for management and manufacturing resources.

Key Features :

  • Output Analyzer
  • Aggregate plan analysis
  • Detailed delay analysis
  • Exception management

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