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Hari Prasad Pachi Subramanyam

Manager, High Technology Practice

What we give is what we get. Give what you can to the best of your capacity, you get beyond what you expect. I can say it's the best tag to Triniti. Triniti has given me great friends in my life. Lots of memories during my journey with Triniti. Here we interact with directors and CEO easier than any other company. I personally experience that the ideas and thoughts shared by us are always considered and it's really encouraging. I wish Triniti great success.


Goutham Mantri

Senior Associate, High Technology Practice 

Triniti is my first employer and I have been working here for the last 7 years. My experience has been great so far and I have been able to work on multiple technologies in a short time. I have been fortunate to work under some great people who recognize and give visibility to my work. I look forward to many more future opportunities where I can come forward and give my best.


Lavanya Kumar Chinta

Director, Product Development 

I started my career with Triniti Advanced Software Labs (formally known as eDapter Systems) 21 years ago (20-Mar-2000). In the last 2 decades, many things have changed - employee count, offices, etc., but one thing which didn't change is the Triniti DNA (Core Values). Do the right thing has always been Triniti's motto and Triniti has always adhered to it. Continuous learning from CEO and Management keeps helping us to improve professionally and personally.


Vidya Sagar Paidi

Assistant Manager, High Technology Practice ​ 

Triniti is a learning organization with a niche and tremendous experience in the field of Automation. It has shown that learning can be fun and also help professionals in shaping their careers. I have been fortunate enough to start my journey with Triniti which has encouraged me to learn the Business Principles and their application in the field of ERP. Also, the core of Triniti is its leadership and values which makes this organization a continuous place to work. Lesser the hierarchies, it is easier to approach the seniors for their inputs and suggestions. Triniti is more like a professional family wherein we can share our experiences and problems for resolution and achieve client satisfaction. Apart from professional grounds, I had a great time in the events conducted by Triniti which is like a catalyst binding the employees together, be it Holi, Diwali, or New Year celebrations. I highly recommend this organization to the people who want to start and shape their career and become a thorough professional


Anita Raj

Associate Trainee, Administrative Department ​ 

Great company !! The working environment at Triniti is really good. My journey with Triniti gave me more knowledge and exposure. I have a team who continuously guides me and I am grateful for a lot of other things that the organization has given me during my challenging times. My peers and friends have kept me strong and the lessons that I have learned have made me a better person. This year, I might not have been my best at the job, but I am sure that I have a bright and successful future ahead of me.


Sangeetha Sudha

Manager, Product Development​ ​ 

I have been working with Triniti for the past 12 years and I am glad that I have the privilege to work with one of the most committed, focused, smart, disciplined, powerful, and visionary organizations. Our CEO, Mr. Srinath, is the pillar of inspiration for all the employees. I still remember my initial days when the recession had hit and there were layoffs, pay cuts, etc., but Triniti was an exception. In these many years, we have never come across any such scenarios, including this pandemic. We are immensely thankful to Triniti for prioritizing employee happiness all the time. In this wonderful journey, I strongly believe one thing that our hard work has always been recognized in the right manner at Triniti. With a strong management team that is always accessible to address employee concerns, the work culture here makes every employee feel more responsible towards their responsibilities. I am proud to be a Trinitian and I wholeheartedly wish that Triniti celebrates many more successful years and continues to be a pioneer in its sector.

    Shaik Shuja Ullah

Associate Member of Technical Staff​ ​ 


I started my journey with Triniti in the year 2002 as security personnel, working for a contractor. I was just a high-school pass out and use to manage employee access, register entry, etc. I was completely frustrated and burdened with financial and personal liabilities, due to which, in 2008, I left Triniti and went to Saudi in search of a better job. With not much luck, I came back to India and thought to continue with my earlier job.

I approached Triniti for the same job and based on my past work Triniti, with full conviction, offered me to start my career as a Member of Technical Staff, instead of security personnel. Since then, I never looked back. I now take care of the entire hardware/ software infrastructure requirements, both for the U.S. and India, including vendor negotiations.

It is never easy for an organization to provide an opportunity to someone who is academically not qualified for the role. Our management team, based on my previous performance, trusted in me and gave me a platform to scale myself. I did everything possible to enhance my skill and knowledge and lived up to their expectation. I also continued my higher studies, completing my graduation (B.Com) and post-graduation (MBA), along with my job.

On this occasion of 21 years, I wanted to share my journey and experience as I sincerely feel that this is one of the organizations which recognize and engage people based on their intentions and knowledge, rather than just degree and experience.

I wish Triniti a very happy anniversary and hope to contribute to its success in every possible way.


Akanksha Negi

Associate, High Technology Practice ​​ 

I joined Triniti as a fresher, and in 3 years not only have I grown as a professional but also as an individual. I’ve made good friends and have met charismatic leaders. I consider myself fortunate enough to have encountered such talented, inspiring, and enthusiastic leaders, whom I’ve always found committed to excellence. Working at Triniti is about having a good work-life balance, as well as good synergy between work culture and productivity. Also, we all know that pandemic has brought a lot of challenges, along with working from home, but I miss office chai talks, productive interactions, and celebrating every festival. Hope to see you all soon, till then stay home and safe. Wishing once again Triniti a very happy 21st anniversary.


Yamini Yedla

Group Manager, Product Development

I have been working with Triniti for the last 14 years and I am proud of being part of the Triniti family, where our contributions and efforts are valued. I am glad to work with great visionary leaders who are future-ready. The best part is the approachability of the management and the CEO, who is always open to discuss new ideas and improvements. Triniti provides a platform to learn and explore new things and technology. Its friendly working environment, efficient & enthusiastic talent pool encourages people to act and think independently, making resources feel more accountable for their deliverables. With an employee-first ideology, Triniti never fails to care about its employees. Before the pandemic situation was officially declared, our management took a quick decision on work from home to safeguard everyone. We are glad to say that due to complete co-ordination of management and employees, we have efficiently adjusted to the new working style without any impact on our outcome. On the occasion of the 21st anniversary, I wish the Triniti team all the best for its continued growth and success in the days to come.


Sreejit Shankar

Director, High Technology Practice

We are a big joint family at Triniti, celebrating the troughs and crests together. Over the last 21 years, I have spent 15 of them being part of this young company, which believed in doing the right thing and delivering value to customers and at the same time measuring themselves on Employee Happiness. Triniti has provided me the freedom to challenge the status quo and express myself, contributing to my growth as a professional. Looking forward to many more years of delivering Customer Delight together.


Roopa Reddy Pinninty

Assistant Manager, High Technology Practice

I (Roopa Reddy Pinninty) have joined Triniti after a break of five years from work. I could not have got a better restart for my career. The transition was easy and smooth, and I give the entire credit to the Triniti. I am still in awe, that I have completed 4 fruitful years this February. I just thought I will take this opportunity to write my thoughts. I know a lot of Trinitians are in this organization for many years and few are here for decades. I now understand why. The people I got to work with both on the client-side and Triniti were amazing. It’s been so motivating how I have been trusted upon with critical responsibilities. I have made a lot of friends for life who give you so much joy just by being around. Wishing TASL a very Happy Birthday. Wish we all, along with this beautiful company grow leaps and bounds together.

jm chari

Jooluri Mattachari

Director, High Technology Practice 

I joined Triniti in early 2003 as a technical writer. After deciding to join any company offering ERP Consulting services, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I made in my life. Triniti has offered me what I have always wanted - a host of opportunities to expand my skills and become an ERP Consultant. After creating documentation/ online help for all our products, I grabbed the learning as well as the onsite opportunities from 2005 to 2009. Though I was not with Triniti for 5.5 years since 2009, the vivid memories of work culture, openness among colleagues, and my family's faith in the employee-friendly nature of the firm lured me back into the organization in late 2014. Triniti provides equal opportunities for all its associates without being prejudiced and you don't have to look beyond my story to believe this.

jm chari

Raghavendra Prasad Cholleti J

Group Manager, Product Development 

Triniti Employees are passionate, empowered, mentored, friendly, and continuously improving their skills & knowledge. The management is approachable, sharing profound knowledge, fair and transparent. Our customer satisfaction level is incredible and they are with Triniti forever. As an organization, we are evolving, innovating, learning, solving complex customer problems, expanding into multiple technologies, geographies and domains. Proud to be a Trinitian. All the best to Triniti and a very happy anniversary.

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