Triniti Customer Satisfaction Performance is Public, Extending Triniti's Philosophy of Transparency

Issa Elkhoury sat down with Srinath Alamela to chat about making CSAT results public - extending transparency.
Issa, let us chat more about transparency?

Sure Srinath - Do you want to talk about transparency in performance measurement?

That is a great place to start. You know we piloted it internally in Product Development, and it has borne significant advancement for us. Our HR complaints have been trending down, and in the last 2 years, I have had zero escalations.

Yes, Srinath. That is quite remarkable, and what a monumental shift from where we were before 2008.

What that has also done, Issa, is that it has given me and you free time to do what we should be doing, streamlining policies and planning for the future.


True. Before we embarked on this journey, we spent too much time on execution. That has definitely been a direct benefit of transparency. What else do you foresee?

What do you mean?


Can you talk about our plan to publish customer satisfaction surveys on our website?

Sure. I think our industry is way behind B2C in having publicly available ratings. Why don't we take the leadership here?


Isn't it risky?

Of course, it is. But also note that without risks, there are no returns. I am not even worried about that, and I am afraid of quite the opposite.

Which is?

What happens when you hide stuff?


Do you mean other than mistrust?

Yes, other than mistrust. What do our parents and elders say about hiding things under the carpet?


Oh yes, the dirt never goes away. The best thing is not to have carpets.

Precisely Issa. In the context of customer satisfaction, the internal pressure on you is always there to improve and get better if there is no proverbial carpet. The Amazons and Yelps have changed buying behaviour. Of course, I am not saying the five-star rating is always reliable on commerce sites for many reasons (fake reviews). It is Kosher in our case, as we have been diligently conducting it for a while now. We do not hide customer names, as we demonstrate in testimonials, unlike our competitors.  

Great. Next, we talk about IPA?

Maybe - but for sure, one day!

Triniti believes firmly that you cannot improve if you cannot measure. While overall satisfaction is important we also measure individual metrics.

Here are our customer satisfaction (CSAT) results.

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