Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. (T.I.M.E.), India's leading test-prep institute, chooses Triniti to implement Student Enquiry and Enrolment Management System

Triniti adds a new client in the Training and Education sector. Leveraging its in-house framework and advanced web technologies, Triniti is assisting T.I.M.E., in developing a Student Enquiry and Enrollment Management application. The new application would be deployed across T.I.M.E.’s different franchises and would serve as a key IT infrastructure to support overall business growth.

Application Highlights

  • Triniti’s in-house framework encapsulates workflow approval, security management, and reporting tool. This facilitates rapid development/ extension of new modules

  • ​Advanced web interface technologies that are used in developing leading social media platforms are being used in this application. This provides a rich UI with accessibility for iOS and Android mobile platforms

  • ​Scheduled business intelligence reporting of key performance insights to the stakeholders

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