T.I.M.E. Enquiry and Enrollment Management System (TEEMS)

Client Background

Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. (TIME.) is India's leading test-prep institute with a pan-India presence with its headquarters in Hyderabad. Established in 1992, it operates out of 237 offices located in 118 towns and cities across the country. It's management team are graduates of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology / Indian Institute of Management.

"Triniti has developed T.I.M.E. Enquiry and Enrollment Management System (TEEMS) using the latest web technologies combined with their inhouse application framework. With TEEMS, all our branches and franchisees are managing student enrollments and course offerings efficiently. Featuring role-based security and easy to use reporting tool, TEEMS has streamlined master data maintenance and has enhanced visibility into business-critical data for franchisees as well for management at Corporate Office"

- Ramakrishna, Sr.General Manager - Operations, T.I.M.E.

Solution Overview

TEEMS is a custom application built by Triniti for Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. (T.I.M.E.) for managing all its operations. It replaced their legacy application. It offers classroom / online courses for college /school level students appearing for national and international competitive exams.


Key Metrics:

  1. Onboards students across 118 cities and 237 offices
  2. More than 150,000 enrollments a year
  3. 1300+ business users
  4. Single source for Master Data


Business Benefits

  • Better decision-making through enhanced reporting helped franchisees and senior management
  • Eliminated administrative approvals for student transfers across cities/franchisees and course upgrades
  • Improved student experience on the corporate portal with self-service features
  • Improved IT team efficiency by eliminating the need to administer multiple applications
  • Standardized provisioning with role-based security freeing up the administrators from the tedious maintenance of user-based security

Challenges with the Legacy Application

  • Non-scalable application in line with growing business needs
  • Archaic user interface and non-standard user-based security
  • Missing built-in reporting layer
  • Applications working in silos catering to different functionalities
  • Data duplication due to non-unified data model causing master data issues
  • Integration missing with bank payment gateways


Solution Highlights

  • Zero Data Migration
  • Reverse-engineered solution from studying the legacy application
  • Leveraged Triniti framework for encapsulating security, administration, and reporting layer within TEEMS
  • Enhanced user experience with material design UI components


Triniti Value Add

  • Reporting layer that works with SQL Server and Postgre Database
  • eWorksheets facilitates T.I.M.E. to build management dashboards
  • Security, authentication, and authorization mechanism provided through Triniti Framework
  • Triniti Find Definition Template (FDT) enables a configurable list of values(LOVs) used across the application

Technology Stack

  • Java J2EE technologies. Struts and Spring for MVC, bean factories, and transaction management
  • Triniti's eWorksheets for Master Data Setup screens
  • ReactJS
  • Glassfish web application server
  • SQL Server 2012

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