SunPower Corporation Consolidates Crucial Business Information using Triniti’s BI Powered Solution by QlikView

Client Background

SunPower Corporation, one of the largest solar players in North America, Europe, Australia, & Asia, designs & manufactures high-efficiency crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, roof tiles, & solar panels based on a silicon all-back-contact solar cell. It has the largest U.S.-installed base, with over 100,000 residential systems installed.


Triniti guided the whole QlikView implementation which minimized the gap between customer expectations and actual development. As a result, SunPower realized the following business benefits:

  • Expedite decision making
  • Empowered business users to perform their own analysis and reporting with Google-like simplicity (reducing required IT support for BI by up to 90%)
  • Respond to new analysis and reporting demands
  • Improved data quality and data governance methods
  • Minimized complexity through the use of flexible and agile dashboards
  • Reduced the time strain on IT, due to frequent requests for aggregated information
  • With an efficient implementation, the applications were improved to reduce the “average click required rate” to 1 .65 clicks to get to the required information. Thus, the stakeholders could view the data faster without digging deep into the application

Business Challenges

SunPower was experiencing multiple operational inefficiencies in their day-to-day business processes due to a lack of a single view of information required for analysis or decision making. Some of the major challenges were:

  • Poor data quality of reports with a non-intuitive and non-user-friendly interface. The data was irrelevant with inconsistent data governance methods
  • Lack of an easy process to combine and analyze data from Oracle and non-Oracle sources (with or without data warehousing)
  • Absence of a proven analytic system that could be integrated into existing Oracle business application and provide the required information
  • Lack of centralized information gathering which could be shared in a decentralized corporate environment

Solution Highlights

Leveraging Triniti’s expertise in the BI space together with a strong technical understanding of the Oracle e-Business Suite, the following solution was performed:

  • Deployed QlikView for over 500+ users across multiple geographical locations
  • QlikView application implementation was performed across 10 functional areas such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Supply-Demand, Procurement, Manufacturing, MRP Planning, and so on
  • Created a single dashboard that could give one-stop access to all of SunPower’s data
  • Provided QlikView support efficiently to over 500+ user communities, at various locations across the globe
  • With QlikSense deployment, a self-servicing data visualization, and discovery application, SunPower users could create, modify and expand visualizations, share knowledge and also analyze data in groups and across the organization
  • QlikSense enabled SunPower users to build presentations within the tool so that they can share the insights

Dashboard Snapshots




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