Operations: Enhancements and Support

Maintain and enhance the efficiency of your system with Triniti's post-implementation support.

Our offerings go beyond implementation; we partner with you to provide post-implementation services so you can achieve you goals faster, expand your business, adapt to industry changes, and find ways to make your business more efficient.

We recognize your need for reliable, simplified diagnostics and pre-tested enhancements for your business―from Oracle upgrades to new entity or M&A rollouts. We also offer off-shore, flexible support services manned by senior-level consultants skilled in Oracle e-Business Suite (eBS). With this high level of assistance, your IT staff can focus more on value-adding business activities while Triniti takes charge of other back-end services such as application support and system administration.


No two companies are the same. Triniti consultants analyze business processes and technologies to offer immediate diagnoses to identify the nature and cause of unique and pressing business ailments. We dig deep to find the root cause and provide the smartest solutions to eliminate the problems.


As your business grows, it is important to constantly adapt and find ways to improve on the status quo. Triniti offers enhancement services that will optimize your current technology so your business can scale the right way. Whether you are rolling out a new entity, integrating M&A's, or upgrading your Oracle ERP system, our enhancement services can help you boost productivity and reduce cost.

Our Enhancements include:


Once implementation is complete, what happens next? To ensure a smooth transition, our support team is available 24/7 and offers a wide range of services, from Regression Testing as a Service to DBA & System Administration. Our support team will help maintain the health of your business proactively by monitoring data, predicting possible problem areas, and offering preventative solutions to avoid ailments.

Our Support offerings include:

Operations: Enhancements - Oracle R12.x Upgrade

Oracle R12.x Upgrade

Revitalize your organization with the latest in Oracle ERP software, the authority on business enterprise technology. Let Triniti experts do the heavy lifting while cutting costs by half.

R12 is the Oracle's gateway to future technology. The upgrade not only explain the horizon with the best in breed functionalities across modules, but also augments the technology stack making the enterprise future ready. With Triniti's proven upgrade methodology which starts with assessing organizations readiness for upgrade, the process becomes simple and transparent minimizing the risk to a great extent.

Resource Library :

Case Study: See how Cavium utilized Triniti Solutions and Software to implement Oracle R12

Operations: Enhancements - New Entity Rollout

New Entity Rollout

Entering New Markets is an extremely complex process. Let Triniti help you rollout and grow

Setting up Oracle to handle the complete business process of a new entity is almost similar to an implementation given the complexity in breadth and depth of modules to be setup. We have a proven and automated method of doing this. Our approach reduced over 50% of cost and 67% of time for our customer.

Operations: Enhancements - M&A Rollout

M&A Rollout

Integrate your M&A entities in 90 days

We can prepare your organization to execute its M & A strategy successfully by integrating the acquired business into your Oracle eco-system in 90 days. We bring reliability to this process as our approach has two key ingredients - automation and a templatized and executable project plan.

Operations: Support - Regression Testing as a Service

Regression Testing as a Service

See how Triniti is pioneering Regression Testing as a Service (TaaS), achieving reduced QA efforts as much as 90%!

Oracle is a very configurable ERP. While this allows businesses to be extremely flexible, it puts an enormous amount of stress on testing for changes. Unless the test cases are designed based on your particular configuration, it is not guaranteed to be successful. Our regression testing approach is designed to look at your configurations and your transaction history, ensuring that the coverage of testing is very high. Further more, the tools we have built for automation are designed with maximizing efficiencies of automated testing, including automated documentation for compliance.

Why Automation Tools Don't Work

Automation tools such as QTP and OATS will not solve your problem of reducing your involvement in regression testing because of two main reasons. First, they require specialized resources with skills in scripting or keyword definition who lack domain knowledge in Oracle. Second, every time a change happens, these have to reflect back in the script so once again, your involvement and time becomes the bottleneck to effective utilization of these tools.

Why Accelerators Don't Work

Service companies that promise that their accelerators will improve the effectiveness of regression testing, fail since these are designed on one particular configuration of Oracle. Since your configuration is very unique to you and no two customers (even in the same industry) configure Oracle the same way, it is impossible to guarantee test coverage.

Why Outsourcing Regression testing has not worked

Outsourced regression testing is predicated on the notion that regression testing can be delegated to cheaper resources in India and other lower labor cost nations. While in theory this sounds good, in reality it does not work as these resources do not have domain knowledge of your system. Even if the quality of the resources is good, it takes a lot time for you to educate them on your system. Once they are well trained, they can become a good option, however that introduces you to their turnover risk. In the end, the problem again comes back to you.  With Triniti's rTaaS (regression Testing as a service), you do not have that problem as all Triniti personnel have domain knowledge coupled with the automation tools to completely free you from this onerous but unavoidable chore.

Operations: Support - Application Support (Help Desk)

Application Support (Help Desk)

Free up your in-house IT resources to focus on the key initiatives for business and let Triniti's offshore team manage Production Support

Triniti provides end-to-end support services for Oracle E-Business Suite across various functional areas. With Triniti's off-shore support services, your IT Team can have the flexibility of round-the-clock support for EBS, including development & enhancement services on a need basis. Triniti can also take up the task of following up with Oracle on SR and Bug resolutions, freeing up time for IT to focus on other key areas. Triniti's Team is competent enough to provide end-to-end support for the entire supply chain right from sourcing to shipping along with financial touch points through out the process.

Resource Library :
Sony uses Triniti to eliminate production maintenance costs

Operations: Support - DBA & System Administration Services

DBA & System Administration Services

Outsourced Database administration and system administration activities can free up a lot of productive time for your IT, which can be used effectively to focus on more value-adding activities for your business. Triniti's off-shore DBA services can provide end-to-end coverage for all database activities like new installations, upgrades to new releases, instance refreshes, backup & recovery, performance tuning and change management. Our team can ensure system administration tasks like application security, application defaulting, workflow administration and more.

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