Oracle EBS Change Management Competitive Feature Comparison of Kintana, STAT, and TRI² AOM



Key Areas


PPM (Project Portfolio Management, earlier Kintanta, taken over by Micro Focus)


(By Quest)


(By Triniti)

AOM Feature Elaboration

Code Migration Touchless Operation - Fully automated across environments/instances Yes Yes Yes Objects will be mapped directly to Change Request. No need to build and map packages

Code Migration
Automated Rollback No No Yes A majority of database and application objects can be rolled back in Application Object Migrator (AOM)
Code Migration On-demand Migration No No Yes All tools support migration on a scheduled day and time. AOM supports both on-demand as well as scheduled migration
Code Migration Allows multiple developers to collaboratively develop, associate, and migrate objects No No Yes As AOM allows discrete objects' migration, developers can work collaboratively
Code Migration Remigrate lost objects post cloning of an environment No No Yes AOM supports remigrating the lost objects to a newly cloned environment based on certain parameters
Code Migration Ability to specify dependency among objects within a migration request or across multiple migration requests No No Yes When multiple migration requests are scheduled, you can specify sequence as well as dependency
Code Migration Extract application or database objects from Oracle EBS No No Yes AOM can generate AOL objects and database objects from an EBS environment
Code Migration Does the tool allow individual object migration? No No Yes Most of the tools require packages to be built before migration. Triniti's AOM does not need a package to be built
Code Migration Code can be deployed in parallel across multiple environments No No Yes Most of the tools support the sequential deployment of code but using AOM, code can be deployed in parallel across environments
Code Migration Flexibility to restrict object types for a workflow No No Yes You can specify which object types are allowed for a workflow so that AOM verifies if the object being migrated is as per the configuration
Code Migration Supports all EBS Object Types' automated migration Yes Yes Yes Triniti AOM supports automated migrations for Oracle EBS applications as well as Database objects
Code Migration Ability to trigger manual activities by Workflow before and after auto migration of objects No Yes Yes AOM's workflow can be configured to initiate actions based on conditional attributes/ values
Code Migration Release Management--multiple requests can be packed as one release Yes Yes Yes AOM can be used in a product development environment where multiple objects can be migrated as a single release
Code Migration Supports EBS 12.2 Application DBA Online Patching Lifecycle Yes Yes Yes AOM supports all 12.x version of EBS. ADOP is applicable from EBS 12.2 version onwards
Traceability & Visibility Audit trail for object changes Yes Yes Yes Complete audit trail on object changes
Traceability & Visibility Serves as a repository for metadata pertaining to migrated objects and their context Yes Yes Yes Metadata can be used for reporting and dashboards
Ease & Configurability Flexibility to route notifications based on requirements Limited Limited Yes All workflow attributes can be used in configuring rules for routing notifications
Ease & Configurability Ability to configure database errors that can be ignored by the tool No No Yes Only changed objects will be migrated every cycle
Business Process Mapping Complex nested workflows for closely regulated industries such as Pharma and Food processing Yes Yes Yes The application change management processes need to support GxP and CFR Part 11 compliance requirements in highly regulated pharma and process industries
Business Process Mapping Workflow-based migration process Yes No Yes The process will be configured using Triniti Workflow Designer
Business Process Mapping Regulatory Compliance Yes Yes Yes The business processes can be mapped to support compliance requirements
Support for Version Control Systems Integration with multiple Version Control Systems Yes Yes Yes AOM supports GIT, SVN (Subversion), CVS, Bit bucket, Azure DevOps
Security ACL (Access Control List) No No Yes Field-level access controls such as edit/view can be configured. For example, based on role, certain fields can be made invisible or non-editable
Security Out of the box Electronic Records & Electronic Signature No No Yes Supports use cases such as 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Requirements for Pharma industry
Security UBS (User-Based Security) No No Yes Along with role, access can be restricted at the user level also
Security RBS (Role-Based Security) Yes Yes Yes AOM offers role-based security
Security Enforce Segregation of Duties Yes Yes Yes Business rules are configured to prevent tasks execution/approvals in violation of SoD rules (Ex: Developer cannot approve a migration to Production)
Reporting & Dashboards Prebuilt Reports (including audit) & Dashboards Yes Yes Yes AOM comes bundled with a reporting tool called eWorksheets
Reporting & Dashboards Custom Reports No No Yes Custom reports can be built in eWorksheets
Reporting & Dashboards Environment Discrepancy Report No Yes Yes Easy to note code version discrepancies among environments
Implementation & Deployment TCO (Total cost of ownership) High High Low Cost-effective compared to all other tools
Implementation & Deployment Fast and easy implementation and minimal ongoing Support No No Yes Can be made up and running in 4 to 6 weeks
Implementation & Deployment Multiple Deployment Options No No Yes Supports On-Premise and Cloud deployment
Implementation & Deployment Agentless Architecture Yes No Yes AOM does not require any software to be installed on all target environments
CI/ CD Continuous Integration No No No
Application Extensions Patch Impact Analysis Yes Yes Yes
Application Extensions Provides Web Services No No Limited
Application Extensions Automated migration extensibility to third party applications Yes No Yes Can be integrated with Jira, ServiceNow, and other ticketing/ help desk applications
Application Extensions Containerization No No No

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