Daily Food Company Implements Oracle Demand and Supply Planning to Optimize Inventory and Demand Mix

Client Background

Daily Food Co. (DFC), a small business based in Saudi Arabia, started maestro pizza in 2013. Since then, they have grown phenomenally, covering cities throughout the country. They have received accolades as the ‘Most Recognizable Pizza Brand in KSA’ in the year 2019


Business Benefits

  • A demand-driven supply planning process restricts restaurants from ordering based on their tribal knowledge. This process results in the right raw material reaching the right place, minimize stock-outs, reduce wastage, and lower inventory carrying cost
  • Identify recipe errors, wastages, and excess inventory within one month of Go-Live, leading to data cleansing
  • Streamlined Onboarding and offboarding restaurants
  • Dynamic implementation of Menu changes
  • Robust Metrics to calculate Forecast Accuracy
  • Consensus demand planning across departments

Business Challenges Before Implementation

  • Unable to deal with demand fluctuations during festivals, offers, and discount period
  • Wastage of perishable raw materials, such as cheese, meat, and vegetables, caused by excess inventory
  • Gut-feeling based raw material ordering by the restaurants – resulted in excess inventory at one restaurant and stock-out at the other
  • Spreadsheet-based demand and supply planning


Missing Capabilities

  • Lack of planning process for menu changes and new restaurant openings
  • Collaborative planning between Procurement, Marketing, and Operations


Triniti Solution

Triniti implemented Oracle Demantra Demand Management and Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP) to bridge the supply-demand gap and manage supply schedules for both Production and Raw Materials. Below are the solution highlights -

  • Collaborative forecasting with Demantra Demand Management
  • Configure to Order (CTO) extension for forecasting pre-prepared ingredients (e.g., BBQ Chicken topping, sauce)
  • A custom solution implemented in Demantra to plan for menu changes and onboarding/offboarding new restaurants
  • Modeled Causal factors in handling demand fluctuation during festivals such as Eid and Ramadan
  • A custom solution to calculate accurate demand for different dough types
  • ASCP supply planning linked to Demantra demand plan and CTO extension
  • Integrate Pizzagest (POS) with Oracle Demantra


Triniti Value Add

  • Business process-driven approach to solving customer problems
    • Transportation planning from the central warehouse to regional distribution centers
    • Daily procurement data for perishables vegetables, cheese, and meat
    • Weekly/ monthly production schedule to prioritize dough, sauce, and meat topping demand

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