Oil Condition Monitoring Solution

Triniti has built an end-to-end Industrial IoT solution to capture lubricant oil quality parameters and provide continuous visibility of those parameters. Lubricant oil’s cleanliness is critical to machines’ performance and life. If undetected, it can lead to unplanned downtime & unwanted machine failures. 

Our Online Oil Condition Monitoring solution continuously monitors oil health, specifically oil particle contamination. We utilize a suite of advanced sensors that can easily integrate for overall oil condition monitoring. 

Oil contamination caused due to small particles of size up to 4u, 6u & 14u is challenging to detect through the naked eye and requires an advanced-level sensor. A manual oil sampling at periodic intervals through an oil sensor installed on the machine serves the purpose of contamination detection but it is time-consuming and prone to human errors. Close monitoring of oil quality is imperative to avoid unplanned downtime & unwanted breakdowns.

Below are some of the solution benefits that we provide through our solution.

Oil condition Monitoring

Multiple Advanced Oil Quality Sensor Integration with Ease

Oil condition Monitoring

Visual Oil Cleanliness Parameter Monitoring on our INSIGHTS PORTAL

Oil condition Monitoring

Reduced Dependency on Offline Oil Analysis

Oil condition Monitoring

Various Alert Mechanisms Configured to Indicate Breaches

Oil condition Monitoring

Reports for Historical Alerts Data Logs by Individual Machine

Our experience and expertise in IIoT solutions deliver better outcomes than other vendors who lack broad insight. We provide services & solutions right from identifying the proper hardware to acquiring the operational data, data communication, data insights & analytics, and integration with business systems.

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