Raj Prabhu, ON Semiconductor

"We are live with the new Scrap Reclaim application.

We have successfully migrated scrap reclaim application to Oracle production and all the pre-cutover and post cutover activities have been completed successfully. With this project we have retired “PC based access application“ and replaced with new standardized Oracle based application.

I would like to thank everybody who worked on this project. It is the result of very hard work from multiple personnel such as finance team, scram reclaim team, IT and Triniti teams.

Special thanks to the Triniti team who have worked very hard to meet the project objectives and schedule. We are now oficially entering into post go-live support. Pankaj and Mallikarjuna from Triniti will continue to support the PGLS (Post Go Live Support) for 2 weeks. I will continue to coordinate the PGLS activities.”

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