On semiconductor - Case Study

Client Background

ON Semiconductor is a Fortune 1000 semiconductor supplier company based in the US that is committed to driving energy efficient innovations and empowering design engineers to reduce global energy use. The company operates a responsive, reliable, world-class supply chain and quality program, with a network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and design centers in key markets throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions.

ON Semiconductor uses precious metals, including gold and copper, as part of the chip manufacturing process. Some of these precious metals end up as waste and are tracked in the system as scrap. In order to keep track of this scrap, ON Semiconductor was using their Access-based legacy application that was not performing as well as they needed.


ON Semiconductor needed a complete revamp of its custombuilt legacy system to address the following issues that were adversely affecting their bottom line:

  • They could not use the legacy system to accurately identify scrap metal lot numbers, which needed to be standardized for efficient tracking
  • They could not claim credits for scrap reclaim sales since the old system does not integrate properly with their Finance side applications
  • They were losing money due to the legacy system’s high maintenance and licensing costs
  • They were suffering from an overall lack of efficiency since the legacy system does not integrate seamlessly with Oracle EBS

Triniti Solutions

The Triniti team was engaged right from the conception of this project. A team of experts dove in to perform detailed requirements gathering, took the time to really understand ON Semiconductor’s pain points, and then sat down to design a right-fit solution for their needs.

Throughout the engagement, the Triniti team leveraged its deep understanding of ON Semiconductor’s business processes on the Finance side to design a solution that seamlessly integrated their scrap metal reclaim system with General Ledger transactions in Oracle EBS.

The new solution seamlessly integrated with Oracle EBS and allowed ON Semiconductor to:

  • Ensure that sender sites received immediate credits for scrap reclaim sales
  • Adjust credits to account for discrepancies in weight, lot content, and price variance
  • Eliminate inefficiencies that they previously had to suffer through because of non-standardized or inaccurate data

The Triniti team created more than 10 custom front-end screens for executing transactions and configuring setups in the custom application. They also provided production support for two months after go-live to ensure that ON had a stable application with good user adoption.

Business Benefits

  • ON Semiconductor’s custom designed application streamlined their scrap receiving, processing, shipping, and settlement process, resulting in a measurable increase in productivity.
  • The new application’s intuitive, Oracle EBS-inspired user interface, helped speed up user adoption and buy-in.
  • ON Semiconductor also saved up to 50% on development costs thanks to Triniti’s hybrid onsite/offsite delivery model.
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