CDM Key Benefits & Features

Key Benefits :

  • Single screen navigation and easy to use Interface.
  • Better approach towards Data Quality Management.
  • Duplicate data elimination.
  • Approval workflow reduces data errors.
  • Better efficiency in downstream processes including credit check, order fulfillment and reporting.
  • Ensure goverance and Enhanced Stewardship support with 360 view of customer oriented reports.
  • Reduce time and effort required to create Customers by 75%.
  • Ability to create, edit and view all Master Data.
  • Highly configurable to match changing business requirements.
  • Low cost of ownership (OAG compliant).

Key Features :

  • Single-Screen Interface for fast and easy customer creation.
  • Contextual Data Validation for reliable information.
  • Query customers by any customer attribute including contacts.
  • Effecient data management.
  • Enhanced data tracking and integrity.
  • Easy retrieval of data.
  • Enabled approval mechanism for Customer data by Department (Customer Service / Finance / Planning etc.,)
  • Reduced data errors and Robust data maintenance.

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