Triniti’s firm belief in ensuring employee’s happiness has been the overarching philosophy. Today around 300 of us are engaged in delivering business outcomes for our customers. By fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, collaboration and shared innovation, we are enriching ourselves with a network of insights and perspectives. Every one of us is a hands-on contributor--which is critical to maintain and preserve our start-up culture.

With employee-happiness at its core, Triniti offers compensation at par with the best in industry including excellent medical benefits with no copay, 401K contribution, Professional Development reimbursements along with milestone compensation to long-term employees for the years well spent.

We are on lookout for people who believe in what we believe, who want to experience and share the passion, we have for ourselves and for our long-standing partners. If you are intense in your drive to succeed for better business outcomes and steadfast in building relationships, come join us. Believe us you have to be here to experience it.

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