Oracle Fusion Cloud vs EBS

Is it Fusion? or is it Cloud

If you are wondering if they are different, then you are not alone. Effectively, both are the same.


In 2003, Peoplesoft bought its rival JD Edwards, sparking a significant consolidation in the Tier-1 ERP space as Oracle bought PeopleSoft and Seibel. It then embarked on a journey to revisit and modernize its applications to catch up with the overwhelming market leader SAP and overtake it. These applications were called Fusion Applications named perhaps to indicate the 'Fusion' of all features of all the application suites. After initial hiccups and several delays, in 2011, it started to release a new generation of applications. These applications were: –

  1. Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management

  2. ​Oracle Fusion Financials

  3. Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management

  4. Oracle Fusion Procurement

  5. Oracle Fusion GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance)

  6. Oracle Fusion Business Process Management

  7. Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management

Fusion Applications designed to co-exist with legacy Oracle products based on open standards, also taking full advantage of Fusion Middleware capabilities. During that period, Cloud was relatively new, and hence Oracle was selling Fusion Applications and Fusion Middleware as on-premise applications.

Oracle Cloud ERP and SaaS Applications

While the landscape towards ERP applications changed, Oracle (Ellison), despite his famous diatribe against SaaS, realized that the Cloud was inevitable. In 2012, Ellison announced Oracle was offering the Fusion Applications as a service. This SaaS model of Fusion Applications is now called Oracle Cloud applications or Oracle Saas or even some documents with its old name, Fusion.  

Market Leader

While Oracle made a move, SAP, on the other hand, lagged.
SAP S4/ Hana is struggling, and the new CEO has publicly acknowledged it. Now all analysts agree that Oracle is in the pole position and firing on all ten cylinders!

To understand how Oracle Fusion Cloud differentiates from EBS, click on the below summary - 

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